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How to activate my campaign?
How to activate my campaign?
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Here are the steps to activate your campaign, in order to later distribute it (retrieve the microsite URL or retrieve the iframe code).

Step 1: Activate your campaign

Go to the "Installation" section of your campaign and activate it.

Step 2: Select your Socialshaker license

Access the campaign activation settings and select your Socialshaker license.

Step 3: Assign a domain name to your license

To activate your campaign, you must select a domain name. This is the process required for the technical activation of the game. Example of a domain name: or, etc. You can use any domain.

Step 4: Link your license to your domain

To do this, select the relevant domain from the list and click "Save".

You will be redirected to the initial step, "Campaign Activation Settings," where you can verify that your subscription and domain are correctly selected.

  • If you made a mistake and selected the wrong domain, you can modify the settings by clicking on "Modify your social accounts and subscriptions."

  • Everything is okay? Click "Save".

Your campaign is now activated ✅


Does my campaign have a participant limit?

Once your campaign is activated, it is limited to 5000 participants. You can increase this limit by subscribing to a participant pack. For more information, refer to this article.

When I try to select my license, it appears grayed out and I cannot select it. Why?

It is possible that your license no longer has available credits. Please contact us or subscribe for additional credits.

Can I use my Free offer to activate my campaign?

Yes, as long as your Free offer has not been exceeded. It is exceeded if you have more than 100 participants across your entire Socialshaker account.

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