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General Guide to a Marketing Campaign
General Guide to a Marketing Campaign

Find the main steps for configuring contest mechanics in the "Marketing Campaigns" module.

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The Socialshaker platform allows you to set up and launch your marketing campaigns, such as contests, quickly and easily, with a platform designed to be used without any prior technical knowledge. Not sure which mechanics to choose for your game concept? Feel free to browse our catalog of mechanics and contact us using the chat at the bottom right of the screen for advice based on your project.

Would you like to participate in a live demo of the platform to learn even faster? Don't hesitate to sign up for one of our sessions. In this article, we will detail the main steps of campaign configuration. For more specific information on a particular topic, feel free to search our FAQ.

"Marketing Campaigns" Module: Campaign Management

To create/manage/configure a campaign on the Socialshaker platform, go to the "Marketing Campaigns" module. In this module, you will find a list of all your campaigns (whether online or offline, past or currently being configured, etc.). The list of campaigns can span multiple pages.

List of Your Campaigns

You can find various information about each campaign and search for a campaign in the list based on different criteria (dates, status, mechanics type, etc.) if you have many created campaigns.

Some clarifications:

  • Name: This is the name of the campaign that you configure in the "Configuration" section, which is its name on the platform (not visible to participants).

  • Status: Indicates whether your campaign is activated or not in the "Installation" section of its configuration.

  • Start and End Date: These are the dates you set in the "Configuration" section. The campaign will be accessible to participants within this timeframe. Outside of this timeframe, if the campaign is still "activated," participants will see the "Campaign Not Started" or "Campaign Ended" page.

  • Participations: The number of unique entries (the total number of entries is visible in the "Exports and Tracking" section).

  • Deletion Date: Your campaign is automatically deleted 2 years after its creation. You can save it before deletion by duplicating it. Deletion is permanent.

Actions on a Campaign

For a campaign, you can perform several actions by clicking on "Action" for the selected campaign:

  • Configure: Edit the configuration elements and access related distribution elements.

  • Exports and Tracking: Export data from the registration form of your campaign and track its activity in real-time.

  • Analyze: Access an enriched statistical view (data on visitors, traffic, etc.).

  • Duplicate: Create an identical copy of the current campaign. This allows you to quickly create a recurring campaign to modify and publish it quickly.

  • Delete: This action will permanently delete all associated data with the campaign, including participant data, statistical data, and visual and textual data. If you want to keep the configuration elements, you should duplicate the campaign. Enter "DELETE" in the field below if you want to delete this campaign and all associated data. Note that this action is irreversible.


Create a Campaign

To create your campaign, follow these steps:

1. Click on "Create" at the top of the platform.

2. Click on "Marketing Campaign."

3. Choose a mechanics type and click on "Create" for the selected one. You can activate filters to easily find the desired mechanics.

Note: Not sure which mechanics to choose for your game concept? Feel free to browse our catalog of mechanics and contact us using the chat at the bottom right of the screen for advice based on your project.

Choose one of the following options:

- Choose to integrate your own design without using a template by clicking on the "Get Started" button in the top left

- Choose a template by clicking on "Install" for the desired template (event or color).

Note: After installing the template, you can modify it with your own visuals and configurations if desired. However, if you later decide to change the template for this campaign, the texts, images, and colors will be overwritten by the elements of the new template.

Configuration and Distribution


You have reached the first step of configuring your campaign. Let's go through the different items to know before getting started:

1. Navigation between modules: The orange color indicates the module you are currently in. You can easily navigate between modules as long as they are pinned (see the "Modules" tab in the top right to pin the desired modules).

2. Resources: Click here to discover our resources (FAQ). If you have questions, feel free to browse through them. Many guides are available to help you.

3. Language: The platform is in English, but you prefer it in French? Choose the platform language.

4. Breadcrumb trail: Here, you can see the different steps of configuring your campaign. At the "+" on the right, additional steps can be activated according to your needs.

5. Preview: Access the preview of your campaign.

6. Documentation: Access the PSD templates for your mechanics.

Configuration and Distribution Steps

Most mechanics are composed of the following sections:

- Configuration: To determine the general parameters of your campaign.

- Home: To import the legal documentation for your game (rules, privacy policy, etc.) and configure the homepage.

- Form: To choose the fields for your form and configure its design.

- Mechanics: To define the game parameters and its design.

- Installation: To activate and distribute your campaign to your audience.

The different distribution modes offered by Socialshaker and their specificities. To see the different options available for each section, we recommend reading the associated articles.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Each page has its "Validate" button, which is essential to save your changes. Remember to save regularly!

Focus on the Design of Your Campaign

We recommend reading this article that explains the basics of graphic creation on Socialshaker: "Creating the Design of Your Campaign." Like other mechanics, you have the choice to use the provided templates or import your own template.

If you choose the latter option, you will need to create the following elements for this mechanics:

  • Campaign background (recommended size: 1920x1080px).

  • Desktop homepage layout (recommended size: 810x700px) and mobile (recommended size: 480×710px).

  • Desktop form page layout (recommended size: 810x700px) and mobile (recommended size: 480×710px).

  • Game page layout (recommended size: 810x700px) - no mobile image for this background, as it will be automatically resized.

  • Social media sharing image (recommended size: 810x700px).

  • "Thank You" page layout (recommended size: 810x700px) and mobile (recommended size: 480×710px).

Tracking Campaign Activity

An activated campaign is limited to 5000 participants. To track the number of participants, go to your dashboard or the "My Subscriptions" tab. For more information, refer to this article.

To learn about exports and analytics tracking, we recommend reading the following articles:

  • Tracking the performance of your campaign using your Google Analytics account.

  • Data exports.

  • The Analytics module.

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