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Find out where to export participants in general, and winners according to your game mechanics.

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The Socialshaker platform allows you to export a certain amount of data, each of which (registration, newsletter, number of participations, etc.) is recorded in real time in an export file in CSV format. We explain in detail where to find each export below.

  • Export of form data

  • Export of winners and/or game results

  • Data description

Data Export from the Form

Retrieve all the data from your form (participant information, opt-ins, custom fields, etc.) in the "Exports and Tracking" section accessible from the campaign dashboard.

Then click on the desired participant export :

Exporting Winners and/or Game Results

Random Draw

To obtain the list of winners from the random draw, you must first have conducted the draw. Find more information on this topic here.

Once the random draw has been conducted, find the list of winners in the "Mechanics" > "Random Draw" > "Export Winners" section.

Instant Win

  • Find the list of winners from your instant win game in the "Mechanics" > "Instant Win" > "Export Winners" section.

  • If the button is "grayed out," it means you haven't had any winners yet.


  • For ChronoQuiz, Quiz, Tap Tap, Simon, and Predictions mechanics,

  • Find the list of participants and their associated scores in the "Mechanics" > "Participant List" section.

Success or Failure

  • For Memory, Bonto, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Secret Price, Puzzle, and Secret Word mechanics,

  • Find the score (1 = Success, 0 = Failure) in the "Mechanics" > "Participant List" section.


  • For PsychoQuiz and OpenQuiz, Text Contest mechanics,

  • Retrieve all the texts posted by users, as well as profiles for PsychoQuiz, in the "Mechanics" > "Participant List" section.


  • For Photo Contest, Video Contest, Fan's Choice Photo, Fan's Choice Video mechanics, find the different exports in the "Mechanics" section:

  • Export of media (URLs of photos and videos). Would you like to download the photos in .zip format? Contact us!

Export of comments

  • Export of voters (including voters' IP addresses).

  • For more information, don't hesitate to watch our Tutorial video!

Description of Data

Find here the details of all the standard columns present in your export (excluding enabled fields such as name, address, etc.), with their corresponding explanations:

  • Date of first attempt: date of the first participation

  • Custom field (1, 2, 3): custom field

  • Total attempts: total number of participations for the same participant

  • Total Godsons: number of referrals

Results Export:

  • Best Score: best score achieved (all participations combined for the same participant) (games: Quiz, Tap Tap, Simon, Predictions)

  • Finish Game: the participant succeeded in finding the answer or solving the game within the given time (games: Memory, Puzzle, Secret Word, etc.)


I downloaded the export, but it's empty, what should I do?

⚠️ Never use the preview link available in the "Installation" section to publicly distribute your campaign! Indeed, participation data in the preview is not saved in the participant export since it is only a test link for you before distribution.

Make sure that the preview link does not circulate among your participants. This can lead to being unable to export the participant list (= grayed-out button) since the participants in the preview are not recognized/counted.

In addition, be careful not to use an e-mail address that has already been used in preview mode. This e-mail address will not appear in the export if you participate in the campaign via the microsite.

I downloaded the export, but it's unreadable, what should I do?

Your export can be unreadable for several reasons:

- It is not encoded in UTF8. Therefore, you have symbols instead of special characters.

- It is not read with the correct separators. Therefore, you have all the information from a line in a single column.

To read your file correctly, follow these steps:

1. Download your export as .csv from the Socialshaker platform.

2. Simultaneously, open a blank Excel, Google Sheets, etc. document.

3. Click on "File" > "Import."

Follow the steps. You should be able to select UTF8 encoding for your document, as well as the separators (custom separator: semicolon). Confirm.

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